Season 1


When does You and refer to? How is our nostalgia shared with everyone including you? In the spectrum of love, we’re all connected towards love and its pact. We pass its zenith and pitfalls walking the path and our journey begins with Season 1 and the very colors of Beige/Lavender/Rose which represent the growth and longing of a relationship. The beginning has its passions and leisures where lover’s passion and affections overcome their rationale hence “On My Mind” because their image is entirety built by You.

Love as soft as the fabric,

The longing that builds up its bubbly colors

The ethos of Season 1 lying on the designs and its very beginning

You and I are a story. By “Illustrating stages of a relationship through art and fabric”, you become both the author and reader.

We are proud to present to you “You and I” in its absolute form and share our story to resonate with both heart and mind.